Your uniqueness is your effectiveness



I am Raluca Andreea Popa

I love life and I love people. Besides this, I love myself and I do all my best to pursue my dreams. One of them is to see people evolving by achieving their goals.


I have always been guided in my professional journey by my values:


Acting with honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness.


Listen, understand and don’t judge.


Treat the others with generosity and respect.


Building trust through constructive, candid communication that serves to create a safe space.


Act truthfully and be unafraid in being my true self.


Seek to understand, look at things through different lens, accept differences and bring differences.

Follow your dreams by achieving your goals through coaching
Which would be my contribution?
  • Mental fitness
  • Guidance in dealing with your mental saboteurs
  • Strengthening Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Support for increasing performance and productivity
  • Guidance to cope with change and to boost resilience
  • Help building new road map
  • Maximize your personal and professional potential
I am gladly a member of

ICF Romania Chapter
The Research Center for Productivity
American Economic Association